Vital Organs

We can’t always see what life intends to throw our way, but we can do our best to prepare for all possibilities so that when the bullet strikes, our heart can be narrowly missed in product of sacrificing other less vital organs.

Blood shed is never intended, but it happens. We don’t have to stop living. We can’t stop living, they tell me. We have a cure and forms of aid. We can slap this on you just like a band-aid. A pill to make it all go away. Years of therapy to make it okay.

It’s not okay. It’s here to stay.

Holding my spleen tightly in my hand, you’re going to tell me how THIS is a win. Tales of true words how it could have been worst,

…but why not better? 

This is the life you’ve grown to know, and the happy part is life won’t last forever. 

An Ode to All a Good Day



Struggling in forms to appropriately communicate



Watching movies with intense attention to detail



Your body’s swing of masculine trust



Tomorrow morning this will all be forgot



I now have nothing left to say

and to all a good day